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Benevolence, Malevolence

Title: Benevolence, Malevolence
Author: Nakimochiku
Fandom: Avengers
Characters/Pairings: Loki/Tony
Warnings: Sexual themes
Rating: T
Summary: Loki has never been known as a kind god.
Note: i'm just... gonna leave this here.

“You’re being gentle today.” Tony whispered breathlessly, fingers tight on the pillow above his head, trying to find something to anchor him to reality, because the slow aching burn of Loki’s touch was too much and his head was spinning. He regretted the words almost immediately when the god grinned deviously at him, all sex and torment and evil intent.

He leant forward to bite an angry red mark on Tony’s collarbone, leaving the skin tender. Blunt nails scraped down the backs of his thighs, stinging and cruel. Tony made a weak noise in the back of his throat, ankles locking in place behind Loki’s back, body over heating and freezing. All of this was far too fast, and far too slow. Loki sucked rough kisses across his chest. His mouth was cold and hot and tingling, teeth sharp and brutal.

“Do not mistake me for benevolent, Man of Iron.” Loki murmured lowly, lips brushing Tony’s kiss bruised mouth with the words. Tony tensed, waiting to be breached or broken or rebuilt or torn completely asunder. Loki smirked down at him benignly, pressing a condescending kiss to his forehead, even though his nails bit into the flesh of his hips, lifting him to meet the teasing heat of his arousal. “I am nothing of the sort.”

“No.” Tony agreed through gritted teeth, hips jerking upward to urge Loki on, a wordless, soundless absolutely pathetic please because he needed it. Loki knew it, and he was very fucking good at what he did because he was smiling so evilly, waiting for Tony to beg. Tony managed a weak smile. “Not benevolent at all.”

“Flattery only gets you everywhere.” Loki whispered. Tony let out a rough moan, wondered if this was what it felt like to be stretched at the seams and pulled at until he tore, then wondered if he even minded. This was the culmination of Loki’s malevolence, making him want all of his abuse. Making him want every tiny piece of torture Loki deigned to give him.

When Loki finally granted his wish, his world was ripped from its roots and replaced with ice, fire, chaos and mischievous green eyes.
Tags: character: loki, character: tony stark, drabble, fandom: avengers, frostiron, pairing: loki/tony
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