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The Liars Alliance

Title: The Liars Alliance
Author: Nakimochiku
Fandom: Avengers
Characters/Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Thor, Odin
Warnings: sex, fluff, complete AU
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7621
Summary: Asgard and Midgard agree to a peace treaty through marriage. Tony is willing to make it work. Loki is less than pleased.
Note: i wrote this purely for arranged marriage smut. if that makes me a bad person, lock me up. i really hope you enjoy this, and give feedback <.<

“What?” Loki asked in a low, threatening hiss, fingers tight around his staff. He glared at Thor as though to ask “did you know about this?” and took it as a yes when Thor shook his head and took a half step back, guilt clear in his eyes.

Odin looked unimpressed by his son’s tone. “As a prince of Asgard, you have responsibilities--”

“Responsibilities that don’t fall on Thor, your eldest?” Loki growled, feeling like a petulant child as he stamped his foot, but too angry to actually care.

“Thor’s marriage will benefit Asgard as well, someday.” Odin replied calmly. “The threat of war is upon us now, and should you marry a prince of Earth --”

“You expect me to marry some belly crawling mortal? Truly? Am I so worthless to you that you whore me off to the highest bidder?” Loki yelled, magic glimmering poison green around his hands. He wasn’t quite at a point of fury that he would actually try to harm his father, but it was a wordless threat he had half a mind to back up.

Odin took a deep breath, fingers flexing on the arm of his throne. “He is a good match for you, and should you choose to get to know him,” he stressed these words through gritted teeth. Loki frowned and decided to be purposefully obstinate. “You would find a charming, intellectual, and frankly attractive man.”

“And you have met this man?” Loki asked snidely. Odin looked slightly taken aback.

“Well, no.” Loki let out a loud snort, placing his free hand on his hip. “The Midgardians have assured me he is as close as they can get to an international prince. He has quite a pedigree. To be honest, he was a much better option than the others presented.” Loki wasn’t even sure where his rage ended, it pillaged his entire body and made his muscles quiver. Had he any less control of himself, he might have burst into tears, or gone on a killing spree. The second option was looking increasingly attractive.

In the end though, he would not go against his father on such an important matter. Their union with Midgard was detrimental to the coming war. “He is mortal, and I am not. His life will be long over before mine.” Loki said, his last ditch attempt at defiance.

Odin gave him a secretive half smile. “Does this not please you?”

Prince Loki of Asgard, a foreign world, and billionaire Tony Stark have announced their marriage for a peace treaty between the two planets. If their relationship works out, Earth will have a powerful ally in the coming war. But will notorious playboy Tony Stark be able to settle down and tie the knot?

Anthony “Tony” Stark was waiting for him at a safe distance when the light of the bi frost faded, nursing a glass that tinkled sweetly with ice. He sipped it and gave Loki a distracted smile, saying something into his phone before sliding it closed. “Loki, right?” His grin was warmer now that he was paying attention, cinnamon brown eyes glinting in morning sunlight. “Nice ta meetcha, I’m Tony.” He held out his hand, letting out an undignified squawk when Loki gripped him by it and pulled him forward to place a quick kiss on his mouth.

“We must keep face for the public.” Loki whispered against Tony’s lips with a meaningful glance at gathered reporters and news crews, their cameras flashing wildly. Tony smirked deviously, one arm coming up around Loki’s shoulders, pressing their chests close together.

“Sure, I can play that game.” Tony whispered back. He gave Loki a sweet kiss on the nose, moving back to his lips with all the familiarity of an old lover. Loki’s hand slid meaningfully from Tony’s waist to curve around his back. Loki could hear reporters recording their kiss and making comments, but didn’t listen in too closely, focussed on the press of Tony’s lips against his. Their tongues touched delicately, and Tony made a snuffling sound like suppressed laughter, pulling away. “Save the rest for the wedding night.” he winked, hooking their fingers together, and pulled him to his waiting limo.

They left the crowd gossiping, shutting the door on their questions. Tony giggled madly, a boyish and immature kind of laughter, placing his hand over his mouth. “Hell of a first impression!” he snorted, voice muffled. “Keep face for the public -- kissing me just like that!” he said between stuttered breaths. “That was--” He paused and wiped a tear of mirth from his eye, slouching into the expensive leather car seats. “That was pretty phenomenal.”

Loki gave Tony a sardonic sneer, sitting up straight. “Tell me truthfully, Anthony--”

“Tony, god. You sound like my grandfather, god rest his soul.” Tony poured himself a drink from a cooler tucked in the side of the door, and offered it to Loki, who waved it off with a wrinkled nose.

“Tony.” Loki drawled the name, rolled it on his tongue, trying to decide whether he found it distasteful or not. “Tell me truthfully: how do you feel about this marriage?”

Tony shrugged, brow furrowed as he took a sip of scotch. “Could be worse.” he said with a small smile.

“Oh?” He arched one eyebrow at him. “You’re publicly ending all your outward forays with gorgeous women, starlets and supermodels, all your dangerous misbehaviour, all your endless partying and drunkenness in order to marry me and represent Earth’s interest in a war.” Loki listed coldly, tilting his head and watching those eyes for any hint of regret.

“When you put it like that, yeah, it sucks.” Tony shrugged again and downed the rest of his glass, face twisting a little at the smooth burn. “But still. Could be worse.”

“How so?” Loki crossed his arms impatiently, hating Tony’s stupid cheerfulness with the entire situation, like neither of their lives were ending. Like they hadn’t both been sold by their countrymen for something as small and meaningless as a peace treaty.

“Well. You could be ugly.” Tony winked flirtatiously. “Or, god forbid, stupid. I could stand the ugly so long as you weren’t a brainless dolt.” He set his glass down and moved across the seats smoothly, straddling Loki’s legs. His breath, smelling faintly of alcohol, was warm on his cheeks. “You don’t sound stupid,” he whispered, tilting Loki’s chin to look at him evenly, pressing a kiss to the dimple at the corner of his down turned mouth. “and thank god, you’re not ugly at all.”

He pressed their mouths together, the taste of expensive scotch stronger. Loki allowed it, satisfied to let his mortal fiancé explore his mouth with an admittedly wicked tongue, hand resting easily on his waist. “I don’t want you.” Loki said firmly when Tony pulled away. Some sick sadistic part of him curled in pleasure when he saw something in those two warm brown eyes break, delighted that his fiancé had actually wanted to make this, whatever it was, work. “However, we have a job as partners to perform. At this, we will be perfect. In love.”

“Sure.” Tony mumbled, nodding stiffly, covering his pathetically obvious disappointment with another smile, sliding out of Loki’s lap. His fingers shook as he poured himself another drink, taking a quick swig of it. “I can do that no problem. Pretending is what I’m good at.”

Loki hummed softly and didn’t try to call him out on the lie, studying Tony for a moment longer. “You had a relationship with someone before you were promised to me?” Tony nodded.

“A girl-- woman-- Pepper-- yeah.”

“You may continue seeing her, so long as it’s private. It matters not to me.” Loki said dismissively, turning to look out the window at the passing city. Tony gave a short laugh, but he didn’t tell Loki what he thought was so funny, and the god didn’t deign to ask.

Sparks flew at the first meeting of Prince Loki and Tony Stark. It has us wondering if this treaty is a done deal. And goodness, aren’t they sweet together?

“Are you seriously wearing that?” Tony asked incredulously, expertly tying his bow tie, looking at Loki through the mirror.

“It’s traditional for a warrior to be married in his armour.” Loki replied simply, inspecting his helmet, wiping a spot of tarnish with his finger. “Why? It there something wrong with it?”

“It’s…” Tony bit his lip, choosing his words carefully. “It’s not exactly what we’re used to here.” He smiled in the mirror and adjusted his bowtie, inspecting himself admiringly , before turning fully to his groom, dressed in his Asgardian armour, poison green and glimmering gold. Tony too was dressed formally, green shirt complimenting Loki’s armour.

“But that’s the point. A merger between Asgard and Midgard. I’m not here to assimilate, Anthony.” Loki stood up, visibly debating if he wanted his staff, before deciding against it. He looked Tony over and nodded approvingly. “You look presentable.”

“Why thank you, Prince Charming, so do you.” Tony sneered with a roll of his eyes.

When they exited the pent house, they were surrounded by paparazzi. They were holding hands casually, standing close enough that their shoulders brushed. Someone asked Tony how he felt. The billionaire grinned and tightened his grip on Loki’s hand.

“You guys thought I’d never settle down. But look!” He elbowed Loki playfully, staring up at him with palpable adoration that made something in the god’s belly tighten. “Someone who makes me behave myself.” he laughed, and Loki smirked in amusement. Still holding hands, they climbed into the limo, only letting go when the doors closed and they were away from prying eyes.

“Good at pretending indeed.” Loki hummed. Tony gave an exaggerated bow, laying back on the long seats, arms folded beneath his head and legs crossed at the ankles. Loki considered him a moment. “Do you regret this?”

The billionaire peeked at him and was silent for so long Loki almost repeated his question. “I regret a lot of things. My shit relationship with my dad before he died, my lack of responsibility, my own stupid naïveté…” he paused and studied Loki, shaking his head. “But marrying you doesn’t make it on that list.” He nudged Loki with the toe of his shoe. “What about you?”

“Not quite regret no.” Loki acquiesced, pushing Tony’s foot away from him and wiping the smudge of dust left behind from his armour. “As you say, it could be worse. You too, could be ugly.” he grinned deviously, mischief glinting in his eyes. “Unfortunately you are irrevocably stupid. But I guess I’ll make due.”

Tony snorted indignantly, nudging Loki a little more roughly. “Coming from the guy who nearly blew up my penthouse by putting tin foil in the microwave?”

“Being stupid and being uninformed are two very different things, mortal.”

They bantered all the way to the church. In between vows and loving looks in each other’s eyes (completely fake, Loki assured himself resolutely) they poked each other with errant elbows to the sides. If Loki noticed that he’d become increasingly comfortable with Tony over the scant few days they had known each other, he tried to tell himself is was all the better to at least have an amiable relationship during their life long partnership.

After an absolutely stunning wedding and reception, it’s straight to work for Prince Loki and Tony, whom avid fans are referring to as “Toki”. They’ll be embarking on a year long trip around the world to act as delegates in the coming peace conferences. Though sources say there’s no plan on a honeymoon any time soon, if we know Tony Stark, a sweet night is definitely in store for his new husband.

"Remind me again why we're going to have sex?" Tony asked breathlessly against Loki's mouth, struggling out of his waist coat and pants at the same time, meeting Loki's lips in harsh bruising, desperate kisses. "I thought you didn't want me."

He ignored the second part of the question to answer the first, pushing Tony back until he fell onto the bed, waist coat and all. "We need to consummate our marriage in the site of the all-father." He explained briefly, just as breathless. Tony kicked off his shoes and laughed, pulling Loki down to him, hand fisted in the leather of Loki‘s armour.

"Old fashioned." He teased fondly. Loki boldly grasped the growing hardness between Tony's legs, satisfied with his rough, rumbling groan. The mortal beneath him shrugged off his shirt and waist coat in a tangled pile, tossing it over the side of the bed. "S'okay, I like old fashioned." He pulled Loki by the back of his neck in for another kiss.

Tony rolled them over, kiss more teeth and wet slide of tongue, panting roughly into each other's mouths, breath quickening when their bodies aligned for just enough friction through their pants. "Clothes. Off." Tony ordered. Loki smirked, and his armour disappeared in a glimmer of magic, leaving him bare and pale for Tony‘s appreciative gaze.

He sat heavily on Loki's lap, rolling his hips provocatively over his achingly hard length. The barrier of fabric between skin was unbearably teasing. Loki gripped his ass with both hands, fingers digging into the supple flesh. "You wish to ride me?" He asked in a husky whisper. Tony's smile was coy, dipping his head to suck rough kisses down the column of Loki's throat to nip at his collar bone.

"If you want. So long as you're fucking me till I can't breath." Loki groaned at the brutal honesty, wanted to hear Tony scream, and flipped them back over, pressing him hard into the mattress and tearing off his pants. He left him flushed and naked and squirming impatiently. "Fuck the foreplay." Tony grunted, rolling his lips up to meet Loki's, fingers tight in the bed sheets. "Condoms, lube, nightstand."

"I do not require condoms." Loki seethed, digging out the lube. "This body is mine." He raked his nails down Tony's chest, catching his nipples and almost fascinated with the way he hissed and arched into his touch. He decidedly ignored the glowing circle in the center of his chest, hand trailing down to pump Tony's erection firmly, amused when he thrust up into his hand. "I will mark it as such."

"Yeah okay hurry up." Tony urged. He made an impatient noise when Loki started with his fingers. "Don't need that. I want it to hurt."

Loki took only a moment to look into Tony's lust darkened eyes for confirmation, slicking his own length and gripping the mortal's hips, making a low sound when Tony willingly spread his thighs farther apart, locking one leg around his waist. He guided his cock to Tony's waiting entrance, pressing in. His head tipped back at the unbearably tight pulsing heat, clenching around him, accepting him.

"Fuck, shit, damn." Tony cursed breathlessly, watching Loki slide inside him slowly, nerves on fire, able to feel each delightfully unbearable inch, thigh muscles quivering, stomach muscles clenching. "Just like that." He whispered when Loki was finally all the way inside him, letting his head fall back and releasing a long drawn out groan. Loki took advantage of his exposed throat, biting mercilessly.

The god revelled in his new husband's moans, hips rolling back languidly, waiting for him to beg him for more, his back tense with the effort of restraint. Sweat beaded on his forehead and trailed down the curve of his jaw as he thrust shallowly.

"Fuck! Please!" Tony called, scratching Loki's shoulders. "God please." He let out a keening whine when Loki moved faster, arching and meeting every punishing thrust, making a belly deep satisfied sound when Loki touched his prostate. It became an embarrassing shriek when he hit it full force, and after that all Tony could manage was a babble of praise and delight.

It was intoxicating, making a man normally so confident with words writhe and curse and moan, completely speechless. His body drew tight, a string waiting to be snapped, hair a sweaty mess around his face, both legs locked around his waist and trembling with his oncoming climax. "Oh god, I can't... I-- please!"

Blunt nails dug into Loki's shoulders as Tony came with a cry of his name. Loki rode out his own orgasm, enjoying his husband's little shudders, his whole body trembling from the force of his release. "Mine." He murmured so quietly Tony wouldn't hear over the blood pounding in his ears. He did not want Tony. But he still belonged to him, whether the mortal liked it or not.

They lay in bed together for a long time after that, Loki's back pressed to Tony's chest, sweat drying, the stench of sex hanging over them. When Loki deigned to get up, Tony held him still. "Don't." he whispered into Loki's hair, nuzzling the crown of his head. "Even if you don't want me... Just this once, pretend." He cuddled closer into Loki's back, tangling their legs. "We're supposed to be good at pretending remember?"

Loki stayed still, until he felt Tony snuffle against his back, breathing deep and even, blissfully asleep. He wondered if Tony knew just how much he had revealed with just that seemingly simple request.

Today the couple will be making their first peace mission trip to Canada, where they will meet with the prime minister.

"You just spent a night fucking me into the mattress. What makes you think I could get up on time?" Tony groused, reclining gracelessly in the plane seats, looking out at the paparazzi who were only now beginning to pack up their equipment. He was struck by an idea. "Loki, let's play a game."

The god raised an eyebrow, accepted a glass of bubbling champagne from the air hostess, and took a delicate sip. "And what purpose would this game serve?"

"Just gimme a little back ground info is all. I'll ask you twenty questions, and you have to answer them truthfully."

"You know truthful is not a word that describes me." Loki warned, intrigued. Tony laughed and downed his champagne in a single gulp.

"Yeah well, no matter how much it hurts, it's gotta be the truth."

"Very well, Anthony. In return, you must tell me the story about that light in the center of your chest." Loki extended in retaliation. Tony merely waved his hand at him.

Tony asked him inane and relatively meaningless questions. He favourite colour, green. His favourite comfort food, pheasant. What he did when his brother was annoying him, put live snakes in his bed. "I wish I had a brother." He sighed.

"No you don't. Thor is the most vexing person to live with in existence." Loki groaned. "He never let me do anything myself, even as a grown man, saying he was worried for his little brother." He made an exasperated noise, while Tony laughed.

“You’re not supposed to like him, you’re his brother.” His next questions were just as droll, until his eyes darkened with pain, covered by sudden interest. "Why... Did you pick me?" He took a sip of his scotch to appear more casual, tossing one leg over the arm of his plane seat. "I'm kinda curious, you know. I know Norway offered this really hot chick who seemed more your type."

Loki briefly considered lying to him, telling him some sweetened answer, tempt Tony into love with him with undying promises of affection. It would be easy, and Tony was willing, that much was obvious. He didn't mean to appear so, and perhaps his front would fool the average person.

"I can see you scheming. Don't. I want the truth." Tony glowered, the first truly serious expression in all his other masks of smiles. He found it somehow far more attractive than the fake expressions, the lies.

"I didn't." He said shortly, tilting his chin up, daring. "My father chose you for me."

Tony blinked, and took a soft breath. "Oh." He murmured. "That's why you don't like me all that much." He nodded to himself, as though it explained so much.

"Are you unused to being disliked?" Loki asked snidely. Tony shrugged, a default action Loki knew meant he was thinking, and then smiled, signalling the air hostess for another drink. "Come, ask me another question."

"Why wasn't any of your family at the wedding? I would have liked to meet my brother in law and see why, precisely, he deserves snakes in his bed."

"He's an ignoramus."

"That doesn't answer my question."

Loki hummed, and Tony smiled dangerously at him, eyes glinting with a mischief he recognized whenever he looked in a mirror. "My family had better things to do than attend their son's arranged marriage for something as simple as peace. My people don't like peace. They are warmongers by nature."

"Two to the heart, winding up for a third." Tony said with a sardonic look, shaking his head in disappointment. Loki shared in his bemusement, and wondered why Tony bothered asking if he knew the answers would hurt.

"Story of this thing ain’t so secret, anyway." Tony said, taping his chest. "I was kidnapped, shot at, and shrapnel got into my body, trying to shred my heart. This." He tapped his chest again. "Keeps the shrapnel out."

"There is more." Loki said. Tony nodded, but didn't offer anymore on the subject, and Loki didn't ask.

The infamous couple, set on taking the world by storm, were spotted in Ottawa, Canada, enjoying the capitol's famous treat, beaver tails. They'll be meeting with the Prime minister tomorrow, sources say, but it seems they'll be enjoying a few hours of fun while the cats are away.

The flight to Australia had only been in the air about an hour before Tony gave an over exaggerated gasp. "Miss!" He called, waving his hand at a hostess. "Please, put all the Star Wars movies in. We're going to have a marathon." The hostess nodded graciously, and Tony grinned when Loki gave him a questioning look, taking up a seat beside him to face the enormous TV screen.

"Star Wars." Loki repeated when it became obvious Tony was not going to explain. The self proclaimed genius (and part time superhero, apparently, whenever he thought Loki wasn't looking) just smiled.

"I have to catch you up on pop culture. We have about twenty hours to kill. We're gonna watch a star wars marathon." He curled in his seat under a blanket the hostess wordlessly handed to him, looking like an eager child as the movie started to play and words scrolled across the screen. "And after that, Lord of The Rings."

Tony fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the fifth movie. Loki wasn't sure if he was grateful, as his ears were finally relieved from his constant steam of excited chatter and "I love this part"s. He pulled Tony’s blanket farther over the genius where it had started to slip with a strangely fond sigh.

"Would you like me to turn it off, Mr. Loki, sir?" The hostess asked politely, nodding towards Tony who was nuzzled against his shoulder, smacking his lips in his sleep.

"No. Allow it to finish. Then put in the other films he mentioned." The hostess nodded, and if her little smile and whisper of "aren't they adorable?" to her co-worker annoyed him, Loki didn't show it. He fixed his steady gaze on the screen, and played in Tony's tousled locks with the hand wrapped around his shoulder.

Tony and Loki were spotted at Manly Beach this evening, with the billionaire showing the prince a thing or two about wake boarding. Both will be off to the capitol in Canberra tomorrow, with a long week of meetings ahead of them.

Loki stretched out on the hotel bed, head propped in his hand, holding open a book with his other. He wasn't reading though. He was watching Tony tinker with a little robot toy they had picked up while in Akihabara. "Must you do this so late at night," he sighed, gesturing to the clock. “We have a meeting early tomorrow morning.”

Tony grunted, held the toy up to the light, and unscrewed something inside of it. "I can't help it. If I don't do stuff like this, I get bored." He flashed Loki a grin. "And you don't like me when I'm bored. So it's either this, or I'll sit you through a crappy movie marathon again. Or better yet, a Disney princesses marathon."

Loki made a sound of exasperation, admitting defeat for the time being. Tony stuck out his tongue and grinned with his victory, but it seemed like he was always grinning or smirking in one way or another. He shook his toy until a piece fell out, and began breaking it apart. "Why do you do that?"

"This?" He held up the battery and wires. "It's what I'm good at. Taking things and making them better." He tossed the battery over his shoulder, puzzling over the dismantled toy. It was edging closer to three in the morning, and Loki was content to lay awake and watch Tony in his element. It was almost fascinating, the way he took garbage and created a magic of his own.

"And you've found you're not proficient at anything else?" Something that didn't keep Tony up until the crack of dawn, or out fighting crime. Loki smiled, and wondered if Tony knew he had found out about his stints as the Man of Iron.

"What? Well. Everything leads back to this." He fiddled with a couple of wires, and gave Loki a wry glance. "What about you? Haven't you been lazing around a palace in space bored off your lily white ass?" Loki snorted, standing and abandoning his book on the floor, moving closer while Tony wasn‘t looking at him. "I can't imagine a guy like you being satisfied with merely watching people grovel at your feet."

Loki barked a short, breathy laugh, satisfied when Tony stiffened in surprise that he was suddenly behind him, arms reaching around him to trap him by the table. He waved his fingers, and the toy reassembled, made a little beeping noise, and fell back apart. "You'd be surprise how satisfying watching people grovel can be." He whispered into Tony's hair. “Would you like to try it, and observe how much I enjoy it?”

"Don't." Tony said stiffly, shoulders tense, fingers tight on his screwdriver. "You're not allowed to flirt." He turned in the circle of Loki's arm, mouth twitching up into a smile. "We set up lines. We're friends. We banter, you get angry at me, I buy you an expensive gift to make up for it. Then we start all over again. Those are the rules."

"I do not like rules." Loki said huskily against Tony's ear, enjoying the scratch of his stubble on his cheek. "And you've never been very good at obeying them."

"No, that's true." Tony sighed, fighting a brief, internal battle that he was visibly losing. "Especially not ones that force me to celibacy. S'why I could never be a monk."

"Then do not tell me what to do, Anthony Stark." Loki growled, pressing Tony back into the desk roughly. "I will be sure to disappoint you. I do what I want, and I take what I want. There is no way for you to stop me." Tony made a hungry, half aborted noise in his throat when their lips met, tangling his fingers in raven black hair and tugging hard. His screwdriver clattered to the floor.

If Loki noticed that he had completely gone back on his self promise not to want this man, not to come to think of him as his property to do with as he wished, he pushed the thought aside, and continued to pound into Tony's willing body until his husband came with a cry. And when they were ready, he rolled him over and did it again.

First comes love, then comes marriage. But what about the baby carriage? Rumours have it Tony Stark's been looking into adopting children. Where does Loki stand on the matter? Yes? No? Or perhaps a surrogate instead?

"Pepper!" Tony called excitedly, pushing his sunglasses back into his hair, dropping his backpack to run to a strawberry haired woman, who smiled sheepishly, wringing her hands a little.

"Good to see you again, Mr. Stark." She said politely, ever refined and elegant. "Thanks for flying me all the way to Italy, but I really can't stay." She whispered.

"Bullshit, Pepper. You have to have dinner with us." Tony waved Loki over excitedly. The god arched an elegant eyebrow at the pair, and felt a sick bubbling pit of jealousy open up in his stomach at Tony's easy smile, one that wasn't reserved for him. For him there were only wry smirks, sarcastic laughter. "Loki, this is Pepper, my secretary, and friend. Pepper, this is my husband." He laughed quietly. "That feels weird to say."

Pepper met his eyes meekly, almost sensing his displeasure at her arrival. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Laufeyson.” she said politely, with an awkward bob of a curtsey. Tony snorted and went to retrieve his backpack. “I won't be staying long." She whispered in a soft promise when Tony turned away.

Loki smiled at her sharply, danger glinting in his eyes, and grasped Pepper's hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it, disgusted by her surprised flush. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Pepper."

Dinner was more animated than Loki had ever seen it, with Tony filling Pepper in on his latest projects, and their adventures while they had been traveling together. Loki remained tactfully silent, cutting his steak into delicate pieces, and frowning when Tony hardly touched his food. Pepper too stayed quiet and distant, watching Loki beneath her eye lashes with a hunted expression. He smiled whenever their eyes met, for all intents and purposes, friendly.

He couldn't stand her, and the moment she was gone, he would rejoice. He left them at the restaurant with a kiss to Tony's cheek and a completely false warning not to stay out too late.

"Whatever you say, sweet cheeks." He teased Loki with his least favourite pet name, and delved back into conversation.

Avid Toki watchers have been waiting for the infamous Virginia "Pepper" Potts to arrive back in Tony Stark's life. Body language experts say that Loki and Pepper definitely had underlying tension between them, and are surprised that Loki didn't try to act more affectionate than a kiss on the cheek before leaving them alone together. Is this a sign that the prince trusts the notorious playboy?

Tony slipped discreetly back into the hotel room, careful not to flip on a light in case Loki was sleeping, shutting the door with a gentle click behind him. He smelled faintly of leather, shampoo, and scotch when he shrugged off his jacket and pants and slipped into bed beside Loki beneath the sheets.

"Did you fuck her." Loki murmured, turning to Tony and staring at his face in the half dark. It wasn't a question, he expected an answer in the affirmative, and wasn't precisely sure why the thought grated on his nerves. "Did you kiss her with this mouth? Hold her with these hands?"

"Nah." Tony whispered lightly back, ghosting kisses over the bridge of his nose. "Me and Pepper decided it'd be weird, with me married and all." He rested their foreheads together, arc reactor glowing between them in the dark. "She can do better than just being my mistress or something."

"Good." Loki purred rolling Tony over with a firm hand on the center of his chest, smirking down at him imperiously, ready to take and own and ravish Tony completely. "Because I recall saying you belong to me."

Tony hummed playfully, hips bucking, hands gripping Loki's creamy pale thighs. "You said I could keep up my affairs."

"I wouldn't be a very good prince if I didn't go back on my word some of the time." He replied dismissively, rolling his backside down onto Tony's crotch, satisfied by the hardness there.

Tony let out a sibilant sound through gritted teeth, nails biting into Loki's thighs. "You must be a bloody good prince then, because you always go back on your word." He retorted. Loki grabbed a fistful of hair, arching Tony's neck back to place loving kisses over his thudding pulse before biting viciously down.

"As is my right as your god, no?"

It seems that not even a small bump in the road could get between Tony and Loki. The couple was spotted sharing a gelato as they explored Galleria Alberto Sordi, as happy as always.

Loki waited for Tony to finish his conversation, hand resting easily at his lower back, though he hardly noticed the intimate touch himself. Tony was lying blatantly through his teeth at the man, and Loki hid a secretive smile with another sip of his wine. They had both long ago agreed that Loki would handle conversation in delegate meetings, and Tony would handle conversation in galas and parties. Loki wasn't allowed, seeing as he had a nasty habit of purposefully digging up socialites' dirty little secrets.

"They're all liars here." Tony groused, downing his wine with a refreshed breath, and stealing Loki's from his grasp to down that too.

"And we're not?" Loki raised a meaningful eyebrow at him, his smile vague and playful.

Tony nudged him, making his way to the bar and ordering two glasses of wine, leaning against the polished wood like he owned it. "I like to think we have a bit more class. A certain, je ne sais que." He raised a silent toast to Loki, clinking their glasses. "Or maybe we're just better looking." He laughed.

"Tony Stark, been a while since I last saw you in London." A man sidled over, his entire demeanour too familiar. Loki could see blatant ambition and hunger in his fervent gaze.

"Sure." Tony agreed smoothly with a smile. "Barkeep, a drink for my friend here." He didn't seem all too concerned when the man sidled a little closer, hand resting too low on Tony’s hip. Loki managed to refrain from a snarl when Tony cast him a bemused glance from the corner of his eye.

"You've gotten married huh?" The man continued. "But settling down doesn't seem your thing."

"Oh no?" Tony said in mock surprise, sipping his wine. "And here I thought I made the perfect blushing bride." He turned to Loki with over exaggerated movements. "Oh darling, how'll you ever take me now?"

The man laughed shakily, turning to Loki as well. "Gotta watch this one, he's a wild cat." he winked disgustingly. "Hard to keep him satisfied."

Loki was sure Tony was going to say something about being perfectly satisfied or something equally foolish, but he didn't give him a chance to say anything at all. "Are you insinuating that not only would my husband be unfaithful to me, he would betray me for the likes of you?" He tilted his chin up and drew to his full height, towering over the little man, green eyes blazing. Tony covered his mouth, hiding a smile. "Should you ever tarnish the name of his integrity, or lay a slimy paw on him again, I will not give you the mercy of merely chopping the offending appendage off." He promised grimly, eyes gleaming, satisfied as he saw the mortal quake in fear. "I will rip out each of your nerve endings, one by one."

He wrapped his arm around Tony's waist, and pulled him out onto the balcony of the gala venue, fuming. Tony waited until he was outside to burst into belly deep laughter, gasping for air until he had to lean against the railing for support. "That was cute." He said when his laughter died down, cinnamon brown eyes moist and warm. "Coming to my rescue and everything, adorable." He laughed a little more. "If I hadn't known any better, I would have thought that was actual love in your eyes just now."

Loki felt like someone had plunged him suddenly into a pit of ice water. He wondered with belated vexation why that man flirting with Tony bothered him. Why the implication that he couldn't hold Tony's interest set his teeth grinding. He had an answer, and he didn't like it.

"Love?" He scoffed roughly instead. "Are you so naïve?" Loki tutted at Tony condescendingly, that same sadistic part in him happy when he saw hurt. He viciously squashed the part of him that wanted to comfort him. "Did you actually think I could acquire such base mortal affections, for you? You with all your flaws?"

"Forgive a guy for trying." Tony tried to cut him off, glowering when Loki laughed haughtily at him.

"You call that trying?” he clicked his tongue derisively. “Alcohol addiction, weak defence mechanisms, smiling like you think you can fool everyone." Loki gave a snort, looking down at Tony who met his gaze evenly. "Make no mistake, Anthony Stark. I see you for the frail little boy you are, grasping desperately at anyone who shows you even the smallest bit of kindness." With a cruel smile Loki dealt the final blow. "That's not love. That's pity."

Tony nodded, smiled warmly, and patted Loki on the shoulder. He laughed suddenly. "You think you know me? Fine, but I know you just as well." His grip tightened on Loki's shoulder. "You've got daddy issues, some kind of jealousy fixated on your brother, you fucking fight anyone who dares get close. God forbid I ever try to understand you! You want to tell me I'm pathetic?" His smile became a little colder. "Go fuck yourself, self righteous prick."

He walked away before Loki could say more, grabbing a glass from a circling waiter and downing that instantly. Loki's fingers closed into a fist, angrily watching the back of Tony's head for a moment longer before turning away. His own pride had pushed Tony away, his own words had wounded him, in some twisted attempt to keep him from worming his way into a heart he thought long frozen.

He stood there for only a moment, looking up at the constellations where he knew, thousands of miles away, Asgard glittered like a jewel. Then he headed back into the gala to search for Tony.

It was half an hour more until he found Tony in a bar in the heart of London, thankful at least that he had deigned to give him a phone connected to his own. Tony lounged at the bar, one foot propped on a second stool, nursing a tumbler of whiskey, eyes dark and taking nothing in. “I wanted us to work you know.” he offered, staring blankly at Loki, words bitter. Loki didn’t tell him that he did know, that he could see him trying to love him, trying to accommodate Loki’s unwillingness.

"Come." Loki murmured into his ear instead, wrapping a hand around his waist and pulling him closer. "Let's go home."

"Not back to the gala where you can pretend to care about me only to rip me a new one in private?" Tony groused, taking a careful sip of his whiskey and dutifully ignoring the little kisses Loki pressed to the nape of his neck.

"No." The god sighed. He turned Tony on his barstool face him, pursing his lips. "I... Apologize. It was wrong of me to hurt you like that."

"Woah." Tony said, eyes widened in comic disbelief. "Did it hurt you to admit that, just now?"

Loki smiled, and kissed the bridge of Tony's nose, just as Tony was normally so fond of doing. "I suspect yes, it did, and when I awaken tomorrow, I'll have bled in my sleep." He pulled Tony off the stool. "Let's go home." He repeated. "And I'll make this night up to you."

Tony snorted. "You can't simply fuck me every time you mess up."

"I can try."

After managing to over come Pepper, is there trouble in the paradise of Tony and Loki? Tony was spotted drinking alone in a London pub. Is he back to his old habits?

Loki held Tony's hands by the wrists when he started to remove his tie, dipping his head to kiss him, slow and sweet. Tony sighed into his mouth, nipping his bottom lip. "Gentle." Loki warned breathily.

Tony laughed against his mouth. "Didn't know you had a gentle setting." His nipped his lip again. "Always thought rough and dirty was our thing." He let his hands rest lightly on Loki's slim hips as the god pulled at his tie, completely unhurried in his actions while Tony was nearly thrumming in his skin, anticipation tingling at the back of his neck.

He opened his mouth to make a quip, but was silence by another slow kiss, tongues gliding together. He sighed when Loki finally guided him to the bed, hips lifting to help him pull off his pants, impatient and hungry, the proof of his arousal already heavy between his legs.

"Could you please, for the love of god, hurry up?" Tony urged brusquely when Loki started popping the buttons of his dress shirt.

"No." He denied flatly, smiling when Tony looked at him in abject horror. "I'm not going to fuck you." He smoothed his hands up Tony's bare legs and the back of his thighs. "I'm going to make love to you."

"Should never have shown you those trashy romance movies." Tony sighed in defeat. He let out a little sound in his throat when Loki placed a gentle kiss at the glowing center of the arc reactor, eyes gleaming in the blue white light. He bit his lip, unsure why that action meant so much.

Soft lips kissed down his body, pausing to nip at the sharp bone of his pelvis, sucking a hickey there, thick black hair brushing teasingly over Tony's length. He let out a choked sound of want, squeezing his eyes shut, back arching. "I really fucking hate you right now." He hissed, toes curling at the lovingly sharp hickies Loki sucked on the insides of his thighs.

Loki raised an eyebrow at him, lavishing one long lick up Tony's cock, as though to challenge his words, thrilled with his hitch of breath and tensed muscles. He went slowly, encouraged by Tony's fingers tight in his hair, taking him into his mouth and swallowing thickly around him, humming low in his throat. Tony made a similar noise, sighing out little praises, hips twitching upward, longing to thrust into his mouth.

His lips moved away, glistening wet as he ran his tongue over the pink flesh, and placed another searing hickey on the supple flesh of his inner thigh. His breath was hot and moist. Tony tensed when he felt Loki's sinful tongue lap at the clenched ring of his hole, fingers tightening in the sheets. He squirmed and whined, held still by Loki's hands on his hips, cheeks flushed at the wet noises and devious flick and glide of that tongue. "Silvertongue, yeah okay I get that." He babbled, thighs twitching when a finger joined his tongue, then another.

It was like torture. Loki went slow and thorough, and Tony was a panting mess by the time he lifted his head, deft fingers still stroking his inner walls. He kissed Tony's forehead. "Ready?" He murmured.

"Been ready since you took off my tie." He growled back, bucking his hips unto Loki's fingers. He felt like liquid, spread out thin, held only by the case of his skin. He wrapped his legs loosely around Loki's hips when he sat between them, and groaned at his too slow entry.

He could feel the hot blunt end of his cock nudge inwards, and the slow slick glide of his length following, setting his nerves aflame, filling and stretching him. He bit his lips, clenched his eyes shut when Loki began pulling back out, just as slowly, leaving him raw and aching and muscles tightening on nothing. "Please!" He gasped, clawing a line down Loki's back, voice ringing with desperation.

He wanted hard and fast, he wanted instant gratification. Loki was moving deep and slow, drawing out noises and sensations he didn't even know he could make or feel. He flushed at the sound of his own whimper, embarrassingly relieved when Loki reached between them and stroked his length, picking up pace and depth.

He shook at the first wave of his orgasm, let out a keening noise and held Loki tightly to him, feeling deliriously like he would drown if he let him go. He could vaguely hear the sound of Loki's own climax as he went limp.

They lay together until they had both caught their breaths. "Don't ever do that again." Tony smiled weakly over at him, and attempted to shake his fist at the god who lay coiled beside him, eyes glinting with mischievous satisfaction. "If love making means going slow till I cry, I'll take fast and dirty any day." He sighed.

Loki brushed his fingers over Tony's forehead. "I think I prefer the crying over your usual screaming."

"Fuck you too, you otherworldly asshole."

Once the delegations are over within the next month, Prince Loki and Tony announced they would be honeymooning in Asgard. Stark released this comment. "Well, it's not every day you get to honeymoon on another planet right? Mainly, I just wanna meet my brother-in-law, and see if he has any funny stories to tell me about snakes."

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